Not all infringe­ment sce­nar­ios require legal assis­tance or judi­cial inter­ven­tion to resolve the prob­lem. For exam­ple, if the oth­er par­ty to the con­tract is a friend or neigh­bor and the terms of the con­tract relate to some­thing of low val­ue, then you should try to solve all the prob­lems between them. This can save you time, mon­ey and your rela­tion­ship. A fun­da­men­tal offence is gen­er­al­ly regard­ed as a ref­er­ence to a reluc­tant offence. [15] No com­pen­sa­tion is award­ed for lost and indi­rect loss or dam­age result­ing from an infringe­ment. A con­tract is breached or bro­ken if one of the par­ties fails or refus­es to keep its treaty promise. Infringe­ment is a ground in which one or more par­ties fail to com­ply with a bind­ing agree­ment by mak­ing it impos­si­ble to com­ply with their promise.