Dear If, please send us in Our­du legal agree­ment for the con­struc­tion of hous­es between the own­er and the con­trac­tor. Thank you Greet­ings Muham­mad Ramzan The RERA sec­tion is 11 (4) which talks about the own­er-buy­er con­tract. Here are some of the most impor­tant take-aways for you: Please give me a Kan­na­da ver­sion of the con­tract copy The agree­ment should ide­al­ly be reviewed by a lawyer or real estate pro­fes­sion­al in order to stay safe and pro­tect the buy­er from claus­es that may cre­ate prob­lems in the future. The own­er-buy­er con­tract is of the utmost impor­tance as it gives you the right to the hous­ing unit/property you are buy­ing. They should check the dead­lines and the place of fil­ing of claims in the event of a dis­pute. 8. When the above-men­tioned works are com­plet­ed in the man­ner defined in the above pro­vi­sion, the archi­tect must inform the con­tract­ing author­i­ties in writ­ing to with­draw their sur­plus mate­ri­als and instal­la­tions, and if the con­tract­ing author­i­ties do not do so with­in sev­en days of their receipt, the own­er may sell them by pub­lic auc­tion and cred­it the con­tract­ing author­i­ties with the net amount real­ized. The archi­tect must then estab­lish and cer­ti­fy in writ­ing what must or must be due (if any) to the own­er or own­er, for the val­ue of the build­ing in ques­tion and the mate­ri­als thus tak­en pos­ses­sion of by the own­er, the costs or loss­es incurred by the own­er when acquir­ing the work to be car­ried out and the amount, if applic­a­ble, due to the con­trac­tors and the amount that must be so cer­ti­fied is then due by the own­er to the con­trac­tors or devel­op­ers. by the con­trac­tors to be paid to the own­er, and the architect‘s attes­ta­tion is final and con­clu­sive between the par­ties. After the imple­men­ta­tion of RERA, the agree­ment between the con­tract­ing author­i­ty and the buy­er must have clear­ly defined all pos­si­ble con­di­tions in the agree­ment. All projects reg­is­tered by RERA should men­tion the same thing. Both par­ties must now ensure that the agree­ment com­plies with the rules set by RERA and the project must also be reg­is­tered under RERA. .

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