The Uni­form Pre­mar­i­tal Agree­ment Act (UPAA) has been con­sid­ered since 1986 for pre-mar­i­tal agree­ments in Cal­i­for­nia, also known as mar­riage con­tracts or prenu­pes. An agree­ment may cov­er a couple‘s cur­rent and future prop­er­ty rights as well as oth­er mar­riage-relat­ed issues, but it can­not inter­fere with a child‘s right to cus­tody or deprive a court of the pow­er to con­trol cus­tody and home vis­its after mar­riage. It is also not known whether the infi­deli­ty claus­es are enforce­able in court. Anoth­er pair of Hol­ly­wood A‑lists with­out cur­rent divorce rumors has a sin­gle clause in their mar­i­tal agree­ment. Accord­ing to sources close to the cou­ple, Kim Kar­dashi­an and Kanye West have agreed on a major fea­ture of their prenupe: Kim‘s moth­er, Kris Jen­ner, can­not make career deci­sions that could influ­ence the cou­ple. It was a con­di­tion of Kanye. By the end of Kim, she would keep all the income she earns from her cloth­ing lines and tele­vi­sion, as well as her wed­ding ring and all Kanye‘s oth­er gifts. “We have a prenup, prenu­pes are… Do you know what day and how old it is? Khloé said and added: “Every­one needs a prenup! 1.

Jes­si­ca Biel and Justin Tim­ber­lake. It was revealed that one of the prob­lems with the couple‘s mar­i­tal arrange­ment was that if Justin ever cheat­ed on his wife, he would have to give her $500,000. Nicole Kid­man learned ear­ly on from her tumul­tuous rela­tion­ship with Tom Cruise. When Kei­th Urban walked, she knew a prenup had to be good. Pop­Sug­ar explains their agree­ment that Urban receives $600,000 a year for each year the cou­ple has togeth­er — a small frac­tion of their $150 mil­lion. There is also a clause that says she does not need to give Mon­ey to Urban if he uses too many ille­gal drugs or drinks. As for the chil­dren, Prenup also says that in the event of a divorce, they would have joint cus­tody, and Urban can­not take them out of the coun­try where Kid­man lived at that time. Although Jes­si­ca Simp­son thought her first mar­riage to Nick Lachey would last for­ev­er, she now real­izes she should have signed a prenup. Kim Kar­dashi­an and hus­band Kanye West are both sep­a­rat­ed mil­lion­aires and have four chil­dren togeth­er, so it makes sense why they would have a prenupe. Their prenup is very lim­it­ed, what peo­ple say is a sign of the strength of their rela­tion­ship and the love they have for each other.

In his prenupe, it is sim­ply said that Kim‘s moth­er, Kris Jen­ner, can­not par­tic­i­pate in career choic­es for Kim or Kanye. The Kar­dashi­ans are very involved as busi­ness women, so this is the first fairest in Hol­ly­wood. Although she said she “wouldn‘t go with it,” Tere­sa stressed that she couldn‘t imag­ine can­celling her mar­riage. “As an Ital­ian, I have old-school par­ents, and it‘s embar­rass­ing to can­cel a wed­ding,” Tere­sa said. The Giu­dices have been sep­a­rat­ed since March 2016, when Joe began his 41-month sen­tence for mail, wire and bank­rupt­cy fraud (Tere­sa served just over 11 months in prison for the same crimes and was released on Decem­ber 23, 2015). Tony Romo and Jes­si­ca Simp­son weren‘t the only cou­ples con­sid­er­ing a lifestyle deal in their prenupe. In fact, it is becom­ing more and more com­mon for celebri­ty cou­ples to have prenu­pes that involve more than their mon­ey, their for­tune and their chil­dren. Accord­ing to NY Dai­ly News, Jes­si­ca Biel cre­at­ed a clause for Justin Tim­ber­lake that says she would get $500,000 if he was caught fraud.