The Fair Work Com­mis­sion can also help employ­ers and work­ers nego­ti­ate with their New Approach­es pro­gramme. Read more about The New Approach­es on the Fair Work Com­mis­sion web­site. If a job has a reg­is­tered agree­ment, the bonus does not apply. How­ev­er, reg­is­tered agree­ments are valid until ter­mi­nat­ed or replaced. The SDA keeps you reg­u­lar­ly informed of your salary, includ­ing any salary increas­es. High­er tasks: If you need to per­form work at a high­er lev­el, you will be paid with the high­est rate. If it is on duty for 2 hours or more, the high­est rate applies to the entire posi­tion. If you receive a new con­tract or ros­ter, you should not sign it with­out read­ing it and mak­ing sure you agree. If you have any doubts, con­tact the SDA as soon as pos­si­ble. McDonald‘s employ­ees will be employed from the 3rd remem­ber that part-time work­ers must have a reg­u­lar work mod­el and you must have agreed in writ­ing to your hours of work and days of work. It is impor­tant to check that you have been paid cor­rect­ly by look­ing at your pay slip. As a union, we are here to ensure that your cur­rent work­ing con­di­tions are pro­tect­ed and main­tained dur­ing this transition. .

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