While few states have all these meth­ods, oth­ers have the option of pay­ing stamp duty through oth­er meth­ods. Among the meth­ods list­ed here, the elec­tron­ic seal is con­sid­ered the most tech­ni­cal­ly expe­ri­enced and prac­ti­cal for the mass­es. See also: Key claus­es for each rental agree­ment Num­ber of inmates: the con­tract must indi­cate what will hap­pen if your fam­i­ly mem­bers come to see you in the future. Hel­lo yes, you can enter and print the con­tents of each doc­u­ment. But when buy­ing print, you need to spec­i­fy the names of the par­ty, the pur­pose of buy­ing estem­pel, etc. Under the 2019 Mod­el Rental Law, land­lords can­not increase pre-ten­an­cy for the entire peri­od for which a lease has been signed. For exam­ple, if the lease expires after 11 months, the lessor can­not increase the month­ly rent dur­ing that peri­od. Only after this peri­od and at the time of reg­is­tra­tion of the new lease is the lessor legal­ly enti­tled to make an increase in inter­est rates that gen­er­al­ly does not exceed 10% of the exist­ing amount. In addi­tion, the lessor must announce the ten­ant three months in advance before increas­ing the rent in accor­dance with the bill.

If you wish to con­clude the con­tract for a peri­od of more than 11 months, it is rec­om­mend­ed to declare it, since the peri­od of valid­i­ty is valid for notaries for a peri­od of one year in the event of a lease. In addi­tion, it is always rec­om­mend­ed that if you want to request some­thing and in this case proof of valid address is required, it is very impor­tant to reg­is­ter the rental agree­ment (the nota­rized lease is not con­sid­ered proof of address valid for ten­ants by dif­fer­ent ser­vices / com­pa­nies), for example.B. when apply­ing for a pass­port, the ser­vice did not con­sid­er the emer­gency con­tract as valid proof. Cur­rent­ly, the fin­ger­prints of the appli­cants‘ 10 fin­gers are record­ed by bio­met­ric fin­ger scan­ners in pass­port offices and Pass­port Seva Kendras. How­ev­er, it is report­ed that infants face many incon­ve­niences when reg­is­ter­ing fin­ger­prints. As a result, the Min­istry decid­ed to exclude chil­dren under the age of five from this pro­ce­dure. LDR can be gen­er­at­ed by upload­ing the lost pass­port infor­ma­tion to the Tamil Nadu Police Depart­ment por­tal with an ID card. 2) If your land­lord refus­es to give NOC for the use of the rent­ed apart­ment as the cur­rent address in your pass­port appli­ca­tion, inform the land­lord that you wish to leave the premises. .