Pan­daTip: Check the terms of the With­draw­al Agree­ment in this tem­plate to ensure that they ful­ly com­ply with applic­a­ble cor­po­rate rules or reg­u­la­tions. Most of the close traders we work with do not have a stock with­draw­al agree­ment. A small per­cent­age may have pre­pared an agree­ment, but it was con­clud­ed many years ago and nor­mal­ly only cov­ers the death of a share­hold­er. If the main share­hold­er plans to give shares to fam­i­ly mem­bers, a share­hold­ers‘ agree­ment such as the one men­tioned above must be pre­pared in advance. Before allo­cat­ing shares to chil­dren, they should sign a share­hold­ers‘ agree­ment. If shares are allo­cat­ed to a son-in-law or daugh­ter-in-law, they should sign an agree­ment. If shares are sold to a key employ­ee, that employ­ee should also sign an agree­ment. It can also lead to cas­es such as: if you think about it, it is a very good step, because as soon as a share­hold­er dies in your com­pa­ny; You can‘t do any­thing with­out an agree­ment. But with this agree­ment, you can eas­i­ly take dif­fer­ent steps, for example.